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This book was reviewed using Open Peer Review, facilitated by the CommentPress Core plugin for WordPress sites on Humanities Commons.

This project offers additional information on topics in the text as links. All links open in new windows. If you come across a dead link, please email me at kendraprestonleonard [at] gmail [dot] com.

Research for this project was supported by an American Music Research Center Fellowship from the American Music Research Center, University of Colorado-Boulder; the Janet Levy Fund of the American Musicological Society; and the Rudolph Ganz Long-Term Fellowship at the Newberry Library, Chicago.

For their help, feedback, and support, my thanks to Gretchen A. Adams, Lisa Poirier, Linda Shaver-Gleason, and Mariana Whitmer. At the Newberry Library, I thank Brad Hunt, Keelin Burke, Martina Schenone, Liesl Olson, and JoEllen Dickie; Catherine Franklin, Paul Gehl, Olga Herrera, Ben Johnson, Susan Johnson, Sara F. Matthews-Grieco, Omar McRoberts, Anna Katie Sagal, Susan Sleeper Smith, Tim Soriano, Ryan Taycher, and Jack Weiner. My thanks also to Claire Maria Chambers and Edmund Lingan at Performance, Religion, and Spirituality, in which a version of Chapter 1 was published (vol 1, no. 2). Portions of Chapter 2 appeared in Gothic and the Arts, ed. David Punter, University of Edinburgh Press, 2019.

How to cite this book (MLA author-date): Leonard, Kendra Preston. Music for the Kingdom of Shadows: Cinema Accompaniment in the Age of Spiritualism. Humanities Commons, 2019. title, paragraph #.

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